Moments Unlimited, Travel Agency in India


About Us

We are pleased to provide travelers a full range of high quality tours and services to suit all tastes. The best professionals are trying to make your vacation full of excitement and unforgettable moments.

Our goal is that you get pleasure from the journey and realize your dreams

Our Mission
Tourism - a great way to get positive emotions, and we see our task in organizing the trip with our profound experience. In traveling we are able to learn the multifaceted and simultaneously unique worlds to each other, get acquainted with the amazing mysteries of the past of people being documented in the ancient cities and monuments.

Many Faces of color the world of nature land - is an inexhaustible source of admiration and enjoyment of the beauty of our world, contemplation and harmonious, skilled interaction with which energizes and joy of a grateful traveler.

Our activities
Our company is happy to share their many years of experience and help everyone who follows the path of discovery of diverse and unique spaces of the planet Earth.

We are engaged in pilgrimage and informative tours, as well as sports tracks and climbing, rafting on the rivers and hiking in the Himalayas.

As tour operator we can provide you the opportunity to visit medical centers where experienced specialists heal your body with the help of ancient folk remedies of Ayurveda, Tibetan and Chinese medicine.

According to numerous reviews of tourists, travelers, «Moments Unlimited» is an experienced Indian tour operator.